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Custom Jewelry in Black Canyon City, AZ

Jewelry Repair & Design
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Jewelry Design

It can become incredibly frustrating to spend hours or even days browsing jewelry store after jewelry store in search of the perfect piece with no success. The good news is that at Simply Beautifully Broken, we have a professional team of jewelry designers ready to take the piece in your mind and mold it into existence. The best part of letting us design for you is that handmade jewelry is one of a kind. No one else will have the bracelet on your wrist or the earrings dangling from your ears. When you simply can’t find the style you love, count on us to create it.

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Simply Get in Touch Today

If you’re looking for jewelry repair in Yavapai County, you’ve found it. Bring your hand-me-down earrings from your grandmother in and allow us to make them wearable again. When you prefer something brand new, we will work alongside you to make it happen. Give us a call with any questions or concerns or stop by today and let’s get started!